South Africa is in the midst of an optical fibre revolution as we head into a new era of internet connectivity. This means faster and more stable internet being rolled out across the country. Optical fibre transpires into better productivity in the work place and cooler entertainment at home. It also means that we can now easily and more cost efficiently convert your living and work space into a smart home or smart business. Our professional installations, connects your optical fibre and wi-fi to the Internet of Things (IoT). This allows optical fibre to become the integral highway for automated devices to be controllable via your mobile device.

Syncrosec is a 30-year old technologies and electronic services company based in Cape Town. Syncrosec got involved with fibre optics in 2016, when the roll-out started. We made the transition to the fibre industry with ease, as we understand the technical requirements needed and have the expertise to deliver quality work. This forms the foundation we have built our business on. We are unique and offer what few other companies in the industry can, that being a turnkey solution for fibre and electronic installations, whether in homes, businesses and multi-dwelling units (MDU’s) such as apartment blocks and residential estates.

Syncrosec has an in house Fibre Planning & Project Management Department and Call Center. We also provide Fibre Maintenance for thousands of homes where the fibre network owners are already live. We take pride in the role we can play in connecting a better South Africa.

Connecting a better South Africa

Technology for your home, business or multi-dwelling space


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