Syncrosec is a growing company within the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fibre to the Business (FTTB) arena. Our company has built outstanding relationships with our business partners within the fibre optic industry. We have, through consistent quality and excellent customer experiences, built a reputation that has been setting our standard in the industry.

Our technicians are carefully selected and specially trained in the FTTH and FTTB environments. A fibre installation is a delicate process which requires precision and tidiness. Our teams understand the importance of this and take the utmost care to ensure that minimal disruption is caused while performing an installation. We will do our best to ensure that after the installation process has been completed, that the property (home or business) will be in the same state or better than how we found it. This includes the civil reinstatement of areas we have worked on.

Our technicians take time and effort to ensure all the client’s installation needs are considered and met. Each installation is unique and our teams ensure personalized services that include careful planning of the installation route with our clients.

Our teams have the support of a fleet of well-equipped and maintained vehicles that is vital in ensuring quality and timeous installations across the Western Cape.